About Us


Digital marketing is your one-stop destination to get all your technical glitches related to Roku activation through Roku Customer support account. We are a group that’s led by second-to-none customer service and inspired by our eyesight. We are consistently put our customers first, and that’s why we have carefully chosen our technical staff that can quickly achieve at via Roku customer service phone number to guarantee nothing ever goes wrong

We provide Support for Roku technical issues related to Roku activation including are:

  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Roku is unable to connect with WiFi.
  • Unable to sign-in.
  • Unable to get Roku activation Link
  • Roku HDX low or no connectivity with internet or Roku error 003.
  • Unable to register Roku device.
  • Roku fail to receive a converted file
  • Roku device keeps rebooting itself
  • Issues related to Roku setup
  • Screen frozen
  • Roku keeps buffering
  • Unable to operate Roku Menu options
  • Roku keeps disconnecting from Internet/WiFi or Roku error 009.
  • Netflix issues
  • Roku device is not charging
  • Roku browser processing is slow.
  • Roku YouTube app isn’t working
  • Roku fail to turn on
  • Roku software upgrades not working or Roku error 006.
  • Unable to subscribe to Roku Channels.
  • Call on Roku Technical Support Number if getting Roku error 014.
  • Roku failed to connect to Roku software update or Roku error 01

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